RFID CB protection

Personalized protection
for anti-RFID contactless credit card

Protection templates for contactless credit cards

Contactless payment - personalised protection for CB (bacaire card) large side

R01 56x88.5mm

Bank Card
Large side opening

Contactless payment - personalised protection for CB (bacaire card) short side

R02 58x86.5mm

Credit Card
short side opening

How to limit the risks of hacking on contactless payment cards? Contactless payment is practical but it is also risky. Faced with the flaws of NFC, precautions are necessary.

We offer you a personalized anti-NFC protection or contactless payment protection for credit cards.

Your advertisement in your customers' wallet!

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Contactless payment is supposed to revolutionize the way we pay. Using NFC, is this type of payment really secure?

What are the risks? See the video opposite.

An article from the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) also addresses this problem.

Pirated bank card: the bank does not reimburse if the customer is negligent..

Printing of customized plastic folder colour,
Standard or tailor-made format.


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